May 19, 2024

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Doubl-Drym is a Yaounde-based Hip Hop duo comprising Lyl’ Kenzy and Young Kryz. They developed penchant for music and dancing during their secondary school days. Young Kryz  played the guitar  and gained acclamation among his peers often referred to as ”man na star” while Lyl’ Kenzy played the piano and laid much emphasis on singing, rapping and composing influenced by American Hip Hop rhythms. Kenzy and Kryz started performing separately  in Secondary school until they graduated. Kenzy later joined rap groups like the G-Squad and the Vision Entertainment.

During one Ex-Seminarians meeting, a remark was made about Lyl’ Ken-zy who was believed to be an amazing singer and rapper. Young Kryz hooked up with him and together formed the group , Doubl-Drym as they had the same dreams.

Their major influence is Michael Jackson.

They released their first album ” Zero 2 Hero” and a 6 tracks video CD this year .

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