July 22, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Steve pochette 2

Nexdim Empire proudly introduces sultry RnB-Afro pop sensation STEVESLIL. Heavily endowed, his lyrical artistry and perfectly sublime vocal timbre is vividly portrayed in his beautifully crafted love tune titled ‘Ebangha’. The Bayangi name ‘Ebangha’ is a prototype of a feline African lady whose unmatched physical qualities  and irresistible charm lures Steveslil to fall head over heels at a house party . Steveslil portrayed as a celebrity after a bet with friends braces up and steps to the girl who easily falls carried by his charisma, aura and fame.

‘Ebangha’ co-produced by Steveslil and Z-lex  is an extremely steamy song with a catchy hook ‘You di make my heart di cut’ which fits dreamily into modern RnB mold.

The video was directed by NexDim Entertainment’s Didiblaise and produced by Mr Adrenaline. Enjoy and share as much as you can to uphold Cameroon.

Ebangha video