July 22, 2024

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CHIZOBA CORLINUS NWEKE, a Cameroonian entrepreneur and political activist recently fled Cameroon after being arrested and detained three times by the government forces of the republic of Cameroon.

These arrests are said to be based on his membership to the now-banned SCNC political group which advocates for the rights and democracy for the grossly marginalized anglophone Cameroonians and also for being a vocal and critical anglophone Cameroonian. 

He fled the territory leaving behind his wife, NGUETKAM CHRISTELLE and two sons BLISS NWEKE and BRYAN NWEKE because of the gross violation of human rights, torture, possible prison/death sentence plus death threats he received from the Cameroonian police/military as well as the inhuman treatments he received in the detention center.

He was able to flee to Nigeria, then to Liberia, where he got a passport containing a Brazilian visa and then through Ghana and Ethiopia arrived in Brazil. Through mostly road and sea transportation like many others in similar situation, he was able to get himself to the USA to seek an asylum with the help of paid cartel smugglers who control the underworld of the Latin American countries. 

Mr Nweke in the Derian gap

In a recent phone call interview, he, MR NWEKE narrated the ordeals he encountered in the perilous and dangerous trip through the Derian gap between Columbia and Panama one of which was a sprained knee, famine and chest infection which left him for dead for days in the aforementioned evil forest. It is an understatement to conclude his being alive today is nothing but a miracle considering the nature of the journey which lasted months. 


With his asylum case still in the hands of the USCIS, he is trying to forget the ordeals and trauma from the torture and persecution from his home country and of this life- threatening journey to redemption in the USA.

He is currently trying to integrate into the Texan Community in Houston with the help of Cameroonian Americans and charities in the said state. Mr CHIZOBA CORLINUS NWEKE is just one amongst many other Cameroonians who have faced, are facing and will face similar ordeals because they decided to speak up against tyranny in their beloved country Cameroon.