February 24, 2024

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POLEMIC: Is a Stanley vs Jovi beef fueled by social media feeds?


Hip Hop feud or beef is a controversy in which rappers defame or confront each other induced by competition. Rappers often incorporate stylistic speeches boasting about their skills , riches, achievement and criticising their rivals like the Tu Pac vs B.I.G beef, Jay Z vs Nas 2001 diss , Benzino vs Eminem and Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj.

Feuds are sometimes generated by rivals throwing insults or derogatory statements on social media like the Wizkid vs Davido diss. Feuds have sometimes been blown out of proportion and gets brutal offstage like the Tu Pac vs BIG beef which resulted in massive shootings.

However,  It’s quite unavoidable to experience feuds in an industry which is gradually getting the spotlight. Cameroon is therefore not an exception. It’s the game.  Where there is competition, there is is bound to be a battle for supremacy.

Award winning rapper  and Guinness #Madeofblack ambassador Stanley took to Twitter saying ” I’m made of black but you are made of weed, get a life son”. He didn’t mention any name but there’s massive speculation that he is making reference to “Cash ” crooner Jovi.
There’s no gain saying that Jovi considerably influenced the present hip hop trend in Cameroon after his solid tune “Don 4 kwat”. He deserves enormous respect for the credit. Jovi has been at the top of the game, basking in fame after dropping a well-acclaimed debut album which had the participation of other acts like Magasco, Mr Elad, Deecy and Reniss. Jovi made us discover new talents and proved to be someone who could lead the industry positively. He proved to be a man who believes in creativity and dexterity. Jovi’s rise created a sterling impact on the cultural and creativity perspectives.
Stanley Enow’s monster hit “Hein pére ” was phenomenal. The song transformed the industry into an award-worthy industry , an industry with the potentials of clinching endorsements and crossing the boundaries for artistic collaboration. Indeed Cameroon was on the map.

Each of the aforementioned artists has contributed in different ways to establish a credible movement.
Jovi endorsed Stanley Enow when he dropped “Hein pére ” video and even supported the #Vote for Stanley Enow MAMA campaign .
Stanley on his part shared Jovi’s “Bastard ” video on his wall upon release. Initially both artists have been supportive of each other.
It seems the relationship turned sour immediately Stanley Enow grabbed the prestigious MTV awards . Comparison between both artists has been fueled by social media posts , comments and media feeds. It’s now getting stale. The famous Celine Fotso article was just salt in the wound.
But how can we be so sure Stanley is making reference to Jovi ? .
It might be like the Wizkid vs Davido beef. When Wizkid mentioned on Twitter that he does big shows at big venues, Davido became exhilarated saying Wizkid should pull half of his crowd before saying shit…lol. Wizkid later refuted that the statement was not directed to Davido.
Actually, “weed” is consumed by many rappers. In essence, we can’t judge from the premises. Stanley Enow might equally be referring to someone else. I think it’s the reason why Jovi has not responded.
Is the beef actually fueled by social media feeds?