March 3, 2024

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P. Jericho : ”Drugs & Music ”

Cameroon artist P.Jericho has just release his new single “Drugs & Music” from his upcoming project “Man of Many Sounds” (M.M.S) .
“Drugs & Music” is an uptempo ELECTRO HOUSE, EURO-POP  song with an R&B style. The song was written by P.Jericho and produced by I-WILL.  The song is composed with smooth moving synths and hard pulsating drums under Jericho smooth melodies, which is sure to move any crowd.
The song  is about the pressures and temptations that comes with being a entertainer within the music industry,  and once it all over you realize that all you have is“Drugs & Music”.
P.Jericho is not in any way condoning the usage of drugs.
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