May 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House



Atlantic Wedding Expo  2015 will be the first of what is hoped to be an annual meeting of buyers and sellers in the destination weddings market. It will bring together future brides and grooms, newlyweds, and couples in love, with suppliers of every nuptial commodity. It proposes to be a one-stop-shop for everything from the moment of engagement to the celebration of the golden anniversary, and everything in between. The Unique Selling Proposition of the Atlantic  Wedding Expo is the focus on interactivity between sellers and buyers. This is not an event where attendees nonchalantly walk by the booths, with occasional feigned interest. Rather, participating exhibitors should be intimately involved in the wedding market, and thus are able to mount an aesthetically compelling and detailed demonstration of their product or service. The aim is to ensure that displayers get value for money, while patrons achieve a holistic experience with improved knowledge and understanding of the products and services on display.