May 19, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


 A few months ago, Cameroonian superstar Numerica sparked Twitter frenzy after using a four-word sentence that gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘shade’, making him a Twitter Trending topic, and inspiring him to make a song out of it.
‘Ça Te Pique Où’ (where does it sting [you]? If we were to translate it to English…) is more than a punchline or a right of reply; it is a movement born from a sentence that urges everyone to ‘mind their own business!’
Through this song, Numerica cocks a snook at prejudice, haters, as well as his critics. He invited fellow Cameroonian rapper Dareal for a verse on the half bikutsi, half hip-hop sound produced by DJ Chris.
Numerica recently scooped a nomination for ‘Best Male Artist in Central Africa’ at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) to take place in November in Nigeria.
‘Ça Te Pique Où’ is available for download on various music websites.
Below is the lyrics to the song and audio