June 17, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NEXZIK: JOVI – MUKWATTA (Produced by Le Monstre)

Jovi absolutely became one of the headliners in Camer urban music industry after releasing ”Don 4 kwat”.The considerable buzz he’s been navigating upon seems to be infinite as he keeps delivering to his fans what they desire. He just dropped a song titled ”Mukwatta” which comes on the heels of the successful ”H.I.V” album. Though some music pundits have rated this song as mediocre comparing it to his previous hits, consideration should be made on the fact that it’s quite challenging for an artist to break his own record. For you who hasn’t listened to the thought-provoking punchlines of ”Mukwatta”, savour! Follow here

”Boucan dey for mop, ndamba no dey for foot,you kick you no score don’t blame it on the boots…”

Mukwatta By Jovi