March 1, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NexDim is a Cameroonian entertainment structure with a focal objective to promote and market Cameroonian music, fashion, movie, arts and culture. Created in April 2009 by Churchill Nanje Mambe (Founder of NJORKU.COM) and Steveslil Njang (R&B pop artist) , has been an online portal that has created a massive impact in building the entertainment industry in Cameroon clinching the ‘’Fix It ’’ recognition award for Best Media Promoter in 2012 and many endorsements.

In a bid to market and promote Cameroonian talents, we have compiled a series of High Definition (HD) Video interviews with profiled entertainers dubbed the ‘’NEXDIM SHOW’’ and high quality Cameroonian urban music videos for ‘’FREE’’ promotion and distribution across Cameroon.

The ‘’NexDim Show’’ is a highly interactive TV show designed to inform, educate and entertain viewers. The goal of this show is to stir up the entertainment industry, enable Cameroonians to know faces in the industry and set a pace in inspiring upcoming celebrities and entrepreneurs in diverse domains like music, fashion, arts, sports, film, media, multimedia production and business.

Our guests are exclusively interviewed about their careers, success stories and the difficulties they face in the industry.  The major concern is to bring a spotlight on the Cameroonian culture and boost the morals on imminent entertainers. NexDim Show is broadcast on Youtube @nexdimtv , and soon on local TV channels in Cameroon.

Our goal is to instill credibility and enable Cameroonians to discover our Cameroonian entertainers. ‘’100 % Cameroon Entertainment’’ shall be released quarterly. Our first consignment  shall be circulated from June 30th 2012.