May 22, 2024

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GOSSIP: MAGASCO's ''Kumba Market'' video unleashed on a perilous sea.

Magasco EfsiEmmmm ! I just set my eyes on the official video of Magasco“s  mouth-watering  tune “”Kumba Market”” shared on Twitter by Magasco Efsi himself and some Facebook pals. The unveil of this video comes as a surprise to many.

Most fans must have been waiting for something more urban and flashy , but the director (Archaic Entertainment) decided to remain natural clinging to the concept of Magasco”s lyrics ;“”I go be na tif man for Kumba Market””. Great photography tho”. But I guess there

is controversy surrounding the release of this video. Was it leaked or what ? “cos  the conventional procedures by MUMAK”s PR was n”t followed . The video has not been posted on MUMAK”s official Facebook page at this moment nor hyped by his manager Jules. The uncontrolled excitement and buzz about the song could be sailing on a troubled sea as MUMAK boss Jules Nya even declines having any knowledge of its release. He didn”t give Magasco a go-ahead to circulate the video on social media. But it seems Magasco”s decision was unwavering and he went ahead to unveil the video. Does this move mean Jules can should go to hell ? 

Is a  Wizkid – Banky W scenario about to ensue ?. Remember MUMAK just witnessed a severance into two factions and we are now witnessing another drama of disaccord . Jules might be disappointed with this unprofessional attitude perpetrated by Da Bamenda Boi. Archaic Entertainment just brought an unprecedented suspense. The drama continues …