June 20, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music: Not producing C.Ds is best way to fight piracy

One of the greatest problems faced by Cameroonian artists is piracy. The issue has been worsened by the advent of computer technology as well as an apparent lack of political will to do any thing concrete or should we say effective. There have certainly been no short of meetings, workshops, seizure drives  as well as mass burning of seized pirated c.ds but the phenomenon continues. While the industry in the U.S has significantly shifted away from depending on c.d sales to maximising new chic avenues like itunes amongst others, we in Cameroon are still trying to see if we can confront the issue head-on. This is clearly not working. What then could be the solution to this problem in Cameroon in particular? Permit me be radical and propose a radical move: why not stop producing c.ds altogether since it’s even too expensive? Why not focus on quality and endeavour to make smash hits that will bring you endorsements and bookings for tours? Why not explore this option? I am conscious of how “apparently crazy” this suggestion may sound but please if seizing and burning hasn’t worked why not contemplate something new and fundamentally different. This suggestion is based on the thought that since artists are the ones who dictate the way music is released, and by ricochet have a say in the way it is consumed, they can change consumers’ habits (or should I say affirm these habits because consumers are already changing) by engineering this revolution. I know this suggestion will fall on deaf ears and trigger a barrage of virulent criticisms because  of how much we loath change especially when it is articulated by one of our own.  I hope however that somebody is listening because the public’s infatuation with c.ds is over. People now prefer using their phones, ipods, and other USB-fitted music -playing devices to consume music. Those concerned should thus know that making this revolutionary radical choice would be going with the current and not against it.  This option does surely  include some form of sacrifice from the artists as they will have to forgo any income from c.ds sales. This will not be a death penalty  as they can replace this with other sources like demanding fees for appearances and others. Nothing good comes easy. Are we together?