December 3, 2023

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music: D.J Saizo’s “Missile lyrical” (Video)

The Cameroonian hip-hop scene gets enriched daily  with countless talents who just want to be the best. One of such artists  is called D.J Saizo. This is the first time we are featurng this artist here but believe us if his recent release “Missile lyrical” is any indication of his talent then we advise you to take note of this guy. The rapper and beatmaker got much credibility when he won the Blaxity-organised Mboa Come Test show regional finals in Yaounde and came in second during the national finals in Douala. This is his first official music video and it was directed by Napster Kallash. If you like uptempo beats, easy-to-remember refrains and ego-inflating lyrics then this guy is your man. With time we hope to catch up with him for an exclusive interview. In the meantime enjoy this video.