October 1, 2023

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music: Boudor gets into artist production

In line with his Koubalanta concept, launched in 2008 to produce young artists, Cameroonian slam king Boudor has gone into action and has added another lady to the ever-increasing rangs of rappers in Cameroon. The young lady in question is called Notyka . She  not only raps and sings but equally slams which could explain why the Boudorium productions owner took interest in her talent and decided to produce her album. While we appreciate such efforts like Boudor’s aimed at promoting young talent, I must say it is going to be pretty difficult for the the young rapper to have an identity of her own. After listening to one of her tracks “Donne moi ton téléphone” featuring Boudor, I felt like I was listening to a Boudor featuring Notyka. In the track his style is omnipresent to the point where he almost overshadows the lady. Listen for yourselves.