June 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Music- Art,craft,science or what?

There are times when you feel it’s a craft but there are others when  you think it is an art. And then you listen to some artists, the serial chart-toppers,and you say loo it can only be a science with timeless recipes that work at every try. So in the face of this issue, it is very difficult to give  a clearcut definition although one must be conscious of the following before embarking on such an exerting enterprise. When one sees the success of Petit-Pays’ musical offsprings like Samy Diko and others,one can hastily contend that music is a craft; something mechanical which can be grasped by repeating the gestes and doings of others. But is this approach not the problem with our music. Since it has been handed down from generation to generation,the heirs of the past cannot reinvent Makossa (for example) to suit the times because they can’t stop themselves from repeating. In the face of a disenchanted fanbase that finds comfort in coupé -décalé,the artists resort to accusations of cultural treason and unpatriotic tendencies. Let’s say it’s an art; something which requires inate skill or knowlegde. If that is the case then artists with the most fertile imaginations should be the charttoppers but we all know the way things work;no matter the immensity of your talent,you must court some producer and wrestle with him on the way your music should sound because he is in for the money. So, it cannot be all about art. Is it then a science; something with ready made ingredients and recipes that will connive together to produce the next  platinum -selling smash hit album. We all know this is not the case. Countless new acts have  worked with the most award-ladden producers only for the public and critics to avoid them like a plague. So finally what then is music and by music we mean the singing, recording, marketing and promotion. I humbly think it’s an even mix of all. At some point making music is an art where talent and creativity are the most important elements. Later down the road, it is a craft (you should take the cue from others) . As one moves up the ladder,one realises the approach to adopt in a bid to avoid being wrong all across the board. But at no point should one be delusional enough to think it is either one or the other.