June 17, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


MR RESS is his name. He is one of the patriotic Hip Hop Artists of our generation.  He sings for our Indomitable Lion’s  participation at the World Cup which touches the African continent for the first time.

RESS just released his second single “LES LIONS” .He traces the trend of the Lion’s performances at previous World Cups and African Nations Cup;

Il temps pour que nous rappeurs nous rendons honneur à ces garçons qui font la fierté du Cameroun alors si t’es loin et fier passe le single à ton frère c’est gratuit » says the artist. The album was mastered in  smooth sound studio with  DJ Romeo ” featuring Alyss, flair. The single “les lions” pays tribute to the national team.

Mr. Ress influenced by  French rappers such as Kery James  embarked very early into rap music around the  Ngoa Ekele neighborhood where he was outstanding in rap battles.  This earned him winner of CLASH TUBE on FM  94 in Yaounde . RESS released his first single “laisse moi faire” in 2007 which  experienced  success.