March 4, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Dear NEXDIM fans, since you’ve been so faithful to us we figured it’s about time we give you an early Easter treat and so we’ll be taking a sneak peek into the upcoming movie ‘NINA’S DOWRY’, a FINTUS FILMS production starring Musoro Una Jean (pronounced Joan), a highly talented and uprising starlet. Though it’s still in production and the release date is pending, with such talent on this set this movie promises to be a big hit. Set in rural Cameroon, the plot exposes a scenario where tradition and ancient customs are waging a losing battle with new age independence, and seeds of disillusionment are growing into a full grown harvest of controversy. Now every good preview contains pictures from ‘behind the scenes’ and so we worked EXTRA hard to deliver. Thankfully we have an insider who graciously gave us this single shot which reveals the excellent work of the FINTUS FILMS make up artists. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is no exception! Be sure to check on us for any further developments on the movie.