April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Douala originated makossa twin brothers Epee and Koum are one of Cameroon’s most prominent makossa artists who have kept the flame burning in the background for a very long period of time now.

The duo who started their musical career in the early 80s as background singers and choralist for old timers king Dina Bell who now is their mentor, had one of the best makossa CDs in the 90s with albums like ‘Makossa Collection Non- stop, suited by ‘Soukoumakossa’ (second album at the time).

As artists, they really became too too prominent with a makossa decale track which featured Kool Bass entitled ‘Kathy’.

Presently, the brothers are in Cameroon for promotional tour of their latest released album ‘L’Attente’ and with tracks like ‘Ordonnance‘, it is but evident that real old timers makossa in Cameroon though dormant, is on its verge of rebirth.

Being aware of how nostalgic this piece will drive us, lets help reduce the dryness in y’all throats with an old time longue track ‘Dikom’ by these two, it will be followed by their newest ‘Ordonnance’.

Watch, Enjoy and Dance!!!