December 5, 2023

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LIL’ KEV takes Sweden by storm

LIL KEV WILLKevin Mu Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back kuri Njuani a.k.a Lil’ Kev hails from Ndian Division ”Bafaka’‘.Born on 15 January 1993 .He later moved to Kumba where he was raised. Massively influenced by cameroonian cultural music on CRTV as a kid and hip hop of the 90’s,he developed interest in rap music. Kevin immigrated to Sweden in 2005, where he found a new music life style and re-ignited his passion for RnB and Hip hop music.He fully engaged himself in 2007 listening to  Lil  Wayne whom he considers the best rapper alive.He later started a group with a friend called Christofer Wilson from Congo Kinshasha. The group was named ”TB-Boys” representing their hood. They later changed the name to Tuna46_MusiC. ”Tuna is where we live and the 46 is to make people ask why. Now we got Carlos a.k.a_LTB from Columbia ,Alexender_a.k.a The Crews from Sweden and Jay a.k.a Lil’ G from Burundi our greatest Dancer”.

Kevin also has a passion for modelling.

The sky is his limit!

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