June 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


SONACAM has summoned Lady Ponce to pay the sum of 400,000 frs for copyright exploitation at her cabaret “Planete Ponce” meanwhile the organization owes her millions for royalties.

Embittered, she took to Facebook to lash out :

“Sonacam,  which has been robbing me deeply for years and which has rarely or almost never given me, my copyrights came to leave an invoice of 400,000 FCFA, in relation to copyrights within my complex. Am I hallucinating or is it witchcraft? It is  my music only that is played in my complex all day long and the artists that I invite for the promotion of culture are paid at my expense. For years you’ve been sitting on the millions you owe me as royalties and I haven’t claimed a penny. This year, during the redistribution of copyright, once again, I did not appear anywhere on your lists. While my works are played on all corners of the national triangle and beyond. You take sadistic pleasure in destroying the creators of works… You like when artists beg and their miseries, you find a particular delight in that, no limits, no humanity, either. Despite everything, for the promotion of Cameroonian and African culture, as an artist in the first place and a fighting entrepreneur with my own means, the construction of the Planet PONCE complex was possible and helps young Cameroonians to live decently and to fight against unemployment. But you don’t care unfortunately. Everything for you and nothing for the others, vile scavengers. Have I received the slightest copec from Sonacam which has contributed to the construction of the construction of my Planet Ponce complex? Expenses which would come from my royalties? Never. Did the Ministry of Arts and Culture or a particular institution help me? Not at all.  No cultural policy, no promotion of the Cameroonian artist as elsewhere. And you dare to put your feet in the enclosure of my cultural establishment. Incredible. I dare to believe that the sorcerer’s apprentices who wrote this rag of receipt to ask me for money are well seated, also to pay me all the royalties that you owe me for years. Deduct what you want you dirty vultures. Because my counsel and I, we will take the calculator and lodge a claim of my copyrights and I assure you the invoice there, will be really salty. Silence and moderation are not signs of weakness”