June 15, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

At first they were just three: three friends, three brothers, united in life and ideologies: BOBBY SHAMHAN, SULTAN OSHIMIHN and Sharlee Ngango. They conceived a project ; that of creating a label . After multiple frustrations , the idea takes shape, the dream becomes reality. The structure was then born, a label was naturally named RED ZONE.

A strong name that reflects the mindset of this young team but also the author of this name: SULTAN OSHIMIHN. Gradually , they expanded because the concept involved more than one person. Sultan Oshimihn’s  debut single ”BLOW” changed the entire perception of Hip Hop videos in Cameroon. The inspiration was off the hook !

The young team has something to offer, and believe in what they do. According to them, ”it is important to believe in yourself before you lead others to believe in you. Like a popular saying goes  “you can not stop the sun from shining.”

The Red Zone team works extremely and incessantly hard  in order to establish themselves  in the minds, morals and hearts of Cameroonians, Africans and the world.
They are determined to achieve audio albums, videos, websites, other media.

”After four years of existence, we begin the fifth, we have developed and diversified our actions today far from being a simple label, we have positioned ourselves as a provider in the world of advertising, and above all. RED ZONE ARMY tries whenever possible to harness the young talents  to make values and enable them to meet their needs.”

Red Zone now has artists like Sissongho MCs, Digital, Palesto, Kreezry,Venom, Sangoa Mboa,Yann La Fumee, and DJ T-Bo in their books. RAID TAPE Mixtape was released in 2009 and still in stores.

Tél.: +23796 77 74 25
Tél.: +23776 19 76 31
Tél:+237 74 90 74 74
Fax. +237 33 13 14 73
Email: redzonelabel@gmail.com
Email: info@redzonimal.com