June 16, 2024

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JIM IYKE : In a romance drama with Cameroonian Actress, Solange Ojong

A romantic relationship between ace Nigerian actor Jim Iyke and Cameroonian actress Solange Ojong is abuzz on blogosphere. According to information gathered by NexDim , the irresistible and voracious romance between the two actors is at he verge of a possible wedding. After working on set with Jim Iyke on Agbor Gilbert’s ”Pink Poison’ and ”Land of Shadows”, the snazzy Cameroonian diva has reportedly paid a visit to Jim’s home in Abuja. And what about Jim’s fiancee Kenturah Hamilton who threw him a surprise party in New York ?

Nude , obscene photos on the cover art of the movie ”Pink Poison”  posted on FACEBOOK stirred severe controversy . Is this romance tale  juicy news for the Cameroon Film Industry.

Photo courtesy of nigeriafilms.com