June 20, 2024

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Jean – Paul Akono : Yes he can ?

As the entire Cameroonian football family tries to swallow the bitter Cape -Verdian bill, the advent of Jean – Paul Akono has provided pundits, fans and critics alike extra fodder for debate. Is the new coach good enough, can he put the Lions' mane and claws back in place? This swell of doubt and sceptism far from being usual football banter is an indication of one strange fact : Cameroonians still hope their team will qualify. Despite the herculean nature of

the qualification task, Cameroonians still hope to qualify and have logically placed these hopes on the shoulders of the new coach. Reasonably speaking though , it is wrong to put such high expectations on the shoulders of one man. Akono may be the best coach on planet earth but if he is stranded with a tired, uninspired and unmotivated bunch in a disorganised setting, his credibility will be useless. So instead of asking the question of whether Jean Paul Akono is the right man for the job, we should rather ask whether the present footballing dispensation in which the Lions find themselves can enable them envisage qualification. If the answer is no then the coach is impotent and of course no he can't is the answer. Jean – Paul Akono may unfortunately be the right man for the wrong job.