July 21, 2024

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Introducing Patricia Bowen: artist manager par excellence

patrica-boowenWhile  artists occupy the musical foreground with their voices, performances, fashion and scandals, other music industry insiders own and rule the background with their talent at detecting and managing talent. One such music background heavyweight in Cameroon is artist manager Patricia Bowen. You guessed right, she is a lady and that is a plus. After a stint reading bilingual letters at the University of Douala, Patricia enrolled and graduated from the Ndi Samba Higher Institute

with university diploma in Marketing. Her goal had always been to do event management. After stopovers in Denmark and France, she returned to Cameroon in 2000 and stayed for good. In 2004, she got her big break  working as the artistic director of the urban music fest “Kamer Groove“.This far, she has acquired vast experience and already has many achievements to her name. Some of these are managing  artists like Koppo, Krotal, organising concerts, and much more. She has set up an artist management outfit AMURA. This is one person upcoming artists can turn to for guidance.

Contacts: http://www.amurazone.wordpress.com/


Tél.:             ( 237) 99 75 98 00       /             ( 237) 77 44 64 98