June 16, 2024

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Introducing Nebo and Teslee

While going solo is now the thing with most people who want to become artists, singing and performing as a duo still appeals to some. This is the case with Nebo and Tes-lee. The pair have low cost levitra been on the music scene now for a while. Nesbo, real names N. Dieudonne Obenson, is an eclectic artist who admits to shuttling between rythms, from Kwasa kwasa to Ndombolo and Zouk. In the course of his musical safaris, he came across and now works with pretty singer Tes-lee, real names Leussa Tessa. The gifted singer has membered in a gospel musical group “HAJ 2”,  co-founded an acapella group “The Thrillers” and was the lead singer of the AES SONEL BAND Cameroon. In 2012, Nebo and Tes-lee released their first group album entitled “Jealousy” . It is a mixture of innovative musical genres and  includes songs like: “Peniel”, “Jealousy”, “I wanda”, “Love u 2”, “Petite fille” and “Manyu. Below is their  track “Jealousy” which went  from starter to smash hit and has been on the Trace African Hit. Enjoy.