June 15, 2024

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Introducing Diodan: Cameroon's OC3 connect

nexd 2All those still doubting Cameroon”s position as an unrivaled source of talent should sit up and listen  OC3 is a Britain-based band that was formed in September 2012. It is

made up of three guys, Farenhigh, Gamblez and Cameroon”s very own Diodan. They stand out in the midst

of a crowd of rappers who combine intelligent, thoughtful lyrics with addictive beats. Through their music, they take a fresh look at the road society has traveled so far. On February 5th, OC3 released their first single titled Brainwashers“, the purpose of which is to highlight world issues such as, civil war, civic rights, crimes, poverty, political corruption, disease and exposure powerful men. Free thought, support for peace, opposition to injustice are the key for an alternative uncontrolled society. This first track of theirs is straightforward and authentic rap music, with a rock influence. Throughout the music video, OC3 send a strong message to the hidden elite who control the world. Go this way to listen to their music.https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/brainwashers-single/id600570903