May 28, 2024

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Stanley Enow a.k.a Bayangi Boy is an incredibly dexterous and versatile entertainer. His prowess, ingenuity and fluency as impressario, TV-radio host  and rapper extraordinaire makes him unique amongst many. Best known as onetime co-host of Cameroon”s popular urban music programme aired on Canal 2 “”Mboa””, Stanley Enow has imprinted a mark on the urban music scene. NexDim brings an exclusive interview with the “”Bayangi Boy”” about is impending album and vision 2013. 


NEXDIM: How are you doing?

STANLEY :I’m good bruh! Happy you too

NEXDIM: Why have you been on a silence mode for over a year?

Silence mode! Well well well, I just took time off to observe our fast-growing urban cultural scene as fan first; leaving behind the role I used to play for it. In short I went back home to go assess my role over the years. That is ;failures, victories and the future. After “Observation”, I had so many revelations about my true role cos’ not everybody in the game has one. Without further ratatata, I think it’s about time to we roll the dice. “Together” I think it’s about time to roll the dice.

NEXDIM: Rumour is rife in the entertainment scene that you have part ways with Tony Nobody. Is this true?

STANLEY :Rumour Rumour Rumour! Mr rumour did it again. That’s his job though. No smoke without fire but I’ll say no. “It doesn’t honor a son, if his father is brought to the mud”. We’re on but on different basis. I co-own a futuristic group called ‘Motherand Empire’ comprising of Motherland Muzik , Motherland pictures and Motherland Clothings. The Muzik part of it is the Label that carries my upcoming and hard worked album. Thus no separation, I simply graduated!

NEXDIM:I saw a photo of you on Facebook captioned ‘’Kamerhiphop’s real messiah’’ .What exceptional are you bringing?

STANLEY :Ah! That’s Brain Makconcept masterstroke picture that appears courtesy of Motherland Pictures, shot at Studios. Well, I really think and know I’ll be bringing a lot as events unfold. The real Messiah caption is from my Team, they know why. But one sure thing is that they just say

what I Stanley Enow aka bayangi boy really is.

NEXDIM:Tell us about your impending album.

STANLEY :Hum! My album is gon’ be much than a mere album, I’m working hard to give it a soul, that’s going beyond ordinary music. “Soldier like ma papa” is the kind of album that might call for a lot of critic from first-listening but be rest assured that this not the Bamenda-Buea kind of album but the History-changing, wind-blowing, Anglophone-Francophone reuniting kind of album. Legacy man! It’s been a long time coming. 

NEXDIM:The video of your undisclosed song is produced by Shamak. How is it working with him?

STANLEY :Yeah. I shot a bouncing and yet-to-come futuristic video with Kamer’s most brilliant video-maker of the moment Shamak   for “Brain”(his firm). He is a fortifying kind of character so you rather wake up early if you wanna get there. That goes same for my whole crew and collaborators like you Nexdim first of all, Capezalli Armando for Famiglia Entertainment, Rex Konfor of Kamer vibes, Arobaz of Arobiz Corp, Alain Ngann for , Softouch Lobe , Stephane Akam for Waw snd factory and a whole lot of them. The Song Title by the way is “Hein Pere”

NEXDIM:What kind of marketing strategy do you have in mind for the album?

STANLEY :Ah Ah! Strategy? hudge and unusual one. But please rest assured that I’ll be the ground man too. My team will be rolling with both Above-the-line and Below-the-line Media. I’ll try not to be the Internet Star, let’s reach the people!

NEXDIM:How do you evaluate the urban music scene in Camer?

STANLEY :It’s fast-changing and growing. Like someone said there is very positive fear about the future. Let’s focus on hitting the road rather than trying to pull down each other.

NEXDIM:Which artists have you been admiring lately in the urban music scene?

STANLEY :There are so many for me to mention. Looking forward to team up with some with time so that we could grow biggest!

NEXDIM:The Anglophone-Francophone issue in the entertainment industry. Seems we are running two separate industries . What’s your take?

STANLEY :This issue is more political and affects the cultural aspect. Be rest assured that the only factor to bridge this gap is via culture and hard work. That’s my mission as a Bilingual artist to bring these entities into one. That’s the Messiah aspect back in. Now the question is “will I have adequate support from my own peeps to run such a mission or having such a light-motive?”From this time I’ll really get to know if we are not the problem. I’m coming!

NEXDIM:What do you think can be done to improve the quality of our work in this part of Cameroon?

STANLEY :We are already too advanced as we are now but serious music contextualization. Let our Musicians stop the whole Naija 100% thing first. Let bloggers get more serious. When organizing events like Fix it or whatsoever, let us invite the big French folks whose got the means for now to come to be part of the dream. If we focus on our local dignitaries and crowd this wouldn’t go far. We have the cute content; they have the money for now. Let’s team up!

NEXDIM:What kind of music do you have in your memory card or your IPad?

STANLEY :Let me first remind y’all that it’s been three years that I’ve been preparing the right time to drop my album and it’s not until after the last 8 months that I got working with spirit on this one. So I listen to me all day and have a lot of Talla Andre Marie and Gospel for Meditation in Memo card!

NEXDIM:We are looking forth to the scintillating album. Hope to meet you again after the release.

STANLEY :Scintillating! You can say that again! We shall meet and please permit to speak on your behalf. We’ll be having a promo download section on Nexdim when’s due time and even being the webpage’s welcome song for a while!

Thanks y’all!

NEXDIM:Any addresses?

STANLEY :Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

Twitter @StanleyEnow

NEXDIM:Any direct links?

STANLEY :Follow me and then you’ll know get whatever link!