May 29, 2024

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Indomitable Lions-New coach already under fire

Barely two weeks after being appointed,Frenchman Denis Lavagne has already come under fire for alledged racial slurs. The accusations against the former Cotonsport coach were made by some local coaches and sports analysts during a talk show on a local radio. His accusers say he had on several  occasions used the expression “sale singe noir” ,( in English dirty black monkey). The new indomitable lions manager ,who came after Javier Clemente was sent packing, has however denied the claims. He has even gone further to say he was on several occasions the target of insults, calling him “imbecile and colonialist“. Given that Denis Lavagne was brought in to rehabilitate the battered lions, such an incident only adds to the load of challenges  he will have to face to lead his team to renewed glory.