June 20, 2024

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Hype: Album: Prescription From Dr Sley

Dr Sley (www.drsley.com) who we have previously blogged about here and here recently released a ten track album titled PRESCRIPTION and its available for download online at http://dugtorsley.bandcamp.com.

I have personally been banging it on my laptop for the past one week and I must tell you its a must have album for every Cameroonian home and abroad. This is no Hype as this blog title signifies he actually takes us through a lyrical journey mixed with Reggae feelings, dance hall, RnB along with Afrobeats that exposes the situation happening in Cameroon and how Cameroonians should swallow his PRESCRIPTION PILL hence Dr Sley’s prescription.

Dr Sley’s powerful instrumentals from the likes of Cornelle(who he calls out in almost every song), Edwin, Emil Ngomba and his powerful use of Cameroon pidgin english and slangs he got from the streets of Buea and Molyko can only keep you wanting as you go from track to track.

Dotti Dey one of his leading tracks signifies there is dirt every where  in Cameroon: bribery, corruption, scamming, fraud, prostitution, you name it… grab your copy of his prescription and learn more here http://dugtorsley.bandcamp.com or click on the BUY NOW button below and promote the Cameroonian music industry…