April 23, 2024

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Hatred , Jealousy and Egocentrism the reason for the Indomitable Lions’ failure -MICHEL ZOAH

This is an interpretation of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education’s analysis to the National Assembly concerning the Lion’s debacle at the World Cup .

Michel Zoa explains that  “As the competition was in progress, a pernicious atmosphere  developed between the players and the coach, working sessions held with the entire team, led to this observation within this team, the existence of clans,  poor fusion between old and young players, a rejection of the instructions of the coach by a group of players.

Mr. President of the  National Assembly, Honourable Members, the victories of the Indomitable Lions yesterday, are an expression of team spirit, solidarity and harmony which have always been exercised between players and between players and the technical staff. The defeats today, reflect the divisions, infighting, lack of harmony between the players , quarrels and fights between people, hatred and jealousy … oversize egos who do not accept the presence of talent around them, and esoteric or spiritual struggles, whose strings are pulled by external actors. It is possible that these situations have been favoured by some casting errors, or shortcomings in the management of group’s dynamics, the leaders of these sectors had to justify themselves before the national and international press.

About payments, he explained that the government did nothing wrong, all financial and physical demands were put at their disposal to ensure that players concentrate on playing ”

Michel Zoa returned to the nomination of  Paul Le Guen saying he was independent, he had all the means, and the players, but he was quickly overshadowed. Lessons learned: Paul Le Guen  imposed a winning style, to demonstrate he qualified the lions  for the world cup. But soon he was overshadowed and the old demons took possession of the den.

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