April 21, 2024

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Football: The Eto’o/ Ekotto dilemma

In the wake of the defeat to Libya and the stale victory over Guinea- Bissau, it has been interesting to listen to fans, critiques and pundits alike air their views about the Lions. The most interesting aspect has been the recurrence of two names- Eto’o and Ekotto. On some sports program, these have surfaced so frequently that one is now compelled to ask the question why. Why are two persons who are rightfully supposed to be in the footballing wilderness so present almost to the point of omnipresence in our recent football discourse. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying their deserved suspensions were supposed to be synonymous with their dismissal from our vocabulary. That is not what I am saying or trying to say. This is what I am simply saying. Isn’t it funny that those who were recently vilified are now missed and their quick return prayed for by some of their former critiques? Hasn’t the absence of these players and their potential return created a dilemma for Head coach Denis Lavagne? If he fields them right away upon return then it is going to be perceived as a glaring admission of the mediocrity of those who have been called to fill their place. If he does otherwise and the situation doesn’t change he is going to be criticised. Pending the materialisation of these scenarios, Lavagne already has one dilemma, what does he do in the meantime? Whatever the case, we must note that if these two players who were suspended from the team are now missed, it is because those who have come to replace them are transparent.