May 26, 2024

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Football: Indomitable Lionesses fall in Scotland

The Indomitable Lionesses yesterday July 14 suffered a 2-0 defeat to their Scottish counterparts. The match took place in Aberdeen, Scotland and was part of the team’s preparation for the upcoming London Olympics. Media reports accuse  a lack of concentration and not blatant mediocrity for the defeat. The first goal, at the 15th, was an on-goal while the second was a shot from 25 metres away. While defeat is always bitter pill to swallow, fans have apparently cut them some slack given that their recent brilliant performances have garnered much popular goodwill for the team. However, fans hope that this defeat serves as food for thought and preparation. In other words, this means “que ce soit la dernière”. Go Lionesses. The Olympics start Friday July 27, 2012.