May 26, 2024

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Cameroon’s Olympians: What we should expect?

Days away from the official start of the London Olympics, it is worth asking the question of what we should expect from our Olympians? Should we hope for gold, pray for some silver at least or many bronze medals if the worse comes to the worse? Any body who is expecting some flash of brilliance from the athletes is wasting time. Despite the attempt, by some, to whip up interest in Cameroon’s participation by announcing over and over that some athletes have been training in Italy or Spain, only a struck of luck can enable us perform well. It is a popular secret that most of our athletes are ill-trained and under-trained: starting a few months away from the event. How can anyone expect them to outmanoeuvre those who have been preparing since the last games ended? Maybe some Francoise will emerge and do another golden jump but that’s an if.  Maybe in football, our Lionesses can spring a surprise but even  this is still an if because their opponents are no easy pushovers . I fear the best our athletes will do is participate. After all, isn’t participation the ultimate aim of the games?