April 23, 2024

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Football: Eto’o’s most splendid goal yet?

Challenging the coach’s choices, leading a strike action, and now this: refusing to honour a national team call-up. The Eto’o Indomitable Lion’s saga seems to have no end. By publicly refusing to honour a highly-anticipated national team call-up, Samuel Eto’o has created a precedent in Cameroonian football circles which in recent years has suffered the scourge of infamy. While wars of opinion rage on the (un) patriotic nature of his act, those Cameroonians who were fed up with the status quo have resurrected from their shallow graves with joy. Eto’o’s action is the cataclysmic event that will flush out the ruining cabal, they think. While this is a widely-held expectation, let’s not forget that those who are comfortable with the status quo are embittered. If anything positive comes out of this stand, Eto’o may have scored his most splendid goal yet by dribbling past tradition and expectation to take a stand. He has endeared himself to those yearning for change. But wait  a minute, he may also have bought himself atonement for his past transgressions. If the present  FECAFOOT edifice comes crashing from this fit of frustration, Eto’o stands to be most kindly looked upon when this generation of footballers, and even others, are being judged by history.