February 21, 2024

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”FIX IT SHOW” – A celebrity moment !

Sama Ndango, Alenne Menget and Pride Achu (Left to Right)

The maiden and inaugural edition of the  ”Fix It Show” took place on Saturday 21st of April 2012 at Holiday Inn Resort, Seaside town of Limbe. The highly anticipated ”Fix It Show” thrived to build a well deserved grandeur , glamour and allure , uniting a plethora of fashion designers/stylists, models, artists, filmmakers, actors , comedians, media houses and stakeholders across Cameroon in one arena.  The event opened its curtain at 3Pm with a chic Red Carpet moment , embellished by a playlist of sizzling Cameroonian urban music.

Actress, Selambi Belinda on Red Carpet

We got impressed with what we saw on the Red Carpet as  some artists, models and film makers rocked it all , clad in pieces crafted by budding Cameroonian designers like Mesanga Clothing , Afroshic,Afriq Unique, Aablahsd and Motif by Moh . NexDim spotted celebrities ! Mr ”Fix It” himself Sama Ndango, Pride Achu, Agbor Gilbert, Neba Lawrence,  Bright Phase, Steveslil, Mrs Oben, Queenta Eyong Ashu, Dr Sley, Eka Christa, Tony Nobody, Ngwane Hansel, Melcube, Stanley E.N.O.W, West Don, Eric Ngomni, YA Squad , Selambi Belinda, Big Mami Agatha, Fredash Models, Mesanga models, Motif By Moh models and other entertainers  all evidently displaying a sterling and sassy taste of fashion on the Red Carpet . If you were n’t sophisticated and classy, then ”Fix It Show” was n’t the right arena for you.  Paparazzi went wild !

Mofor Clementine (MC Show by Springboard), Ntoko Media, Hi TV, TopNotch Mag and STV 1 caught a glimpse of every sequence of what went down at the Red Carpet with their cameras. Simply fabolous !

After rocking the Red Carpet with an avalanche of fashionable and decent outfits, attention was driven to the stage where the tempo augmented.

Steveslil performs ''Panjo''

The audience was thrilled by electrifying performances by Dr Sley (Ghetto Queen), Black LM, Steveslil (Panjo), Jerry (comedy), West Don (Ajebota), Stanley E.N.O.W (Bayangi juju), Magasco from Mumak and Bright Phase . The pomp , pageantry and fascination was quite impressive. Apart from music interludes, the run-way got busy with a massive exhibition of appealing clothing collections by Mesanga Clothing, Motif by Moh, Aablashd, Afriq Unique and Afroshic Clothing.

West Don performs ''Ajebota''

Ace journalist Nyoh Moses sensitized the audience with a talk on the role of the media in the promotion of entertainment, while MUMAK executive Jules Nya threw light on quality output in the industry, artist branding and professionnalism. The entertainment industry now seems to have had a  spontaneous stir and flair with such an initiative by Sama Ndango .

NexDim Empire cliched a ”Fix It” Award for Best Media Promoter, CUMA for Best Music Promoter, Fredash Modeling Agency for Best Fashion Promoter, Agbor Gilbert for Best Movie promoter and Da Cobra House for Best Comedy Promoter. Top notch music producer, Emil Ngumbah ‘s regal dignity and Agbor  Gilbert ‘s acumen in the entertainment industry was recognized as they were inducted into the ‘Fix It’ Hall of Fame. Colonel Dickson who has been making frantic efforts to promote entertainment grapped  an award for Best Entertainment promoter.

The event took place in the presence of dignitories like the Nigerian Consul General of South West and Littoral , President of Nigerian Cinematophers Guild  NG1 , CEO of Blaxity Tony Nobody and many more.

According to the organizers Sama Ndango and Pride Achu , the event shall be held quarterly. Brace yourselves for subsquent editions of the event.

”Fix it , Make it”

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