April 25, 2024

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Fallen Lion's funeral unites bickering Eto'o and Wome

ABEGAEven in death, Theophile Abega continues to unite and reconcile as he often did while alive. The funeral ceremony of the fallen Lion brought together a plethora of personalities amongst which FC Anzhi “s Samuel Eto”o and Canon”s Wome Nlend, both of whom, the press alleges, haven”t been the best of friends in recent times. The

two players were amongst the host of persons who came to pay their last respect to a prolific Indomitable Lion. The late Theophile Abega was one of those players who made  Cameroon popular on the world scene with his performances. He was also one of the first Cameroonians to win the African Nations” Cup and prestigious African Player of the Year award, way back in 1984. Even after leaving the football pitch, he stayed active on the sidelines as a strong supporter of his beloved Canon of Yaounde and constantly came into the Lions” den to quell any disharmonious roars. One of his last pacification outings was before the return leg against Cape – Verde in Yaounde. It is hoped that Eto”o and Wome”s meeting at the funeral will be an indication of a renewed entente cordial between them henceforth.