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Exclusive Interview: Temenu Fobella Terrence a.k.a. ‘New Tempo’

NexDim Entertainment caught up with Cameroon’s own young inspirational programme analyst at New Tempo Entertainment and Recording studios in Vermont U.S.A. who doubles as producer and song writer. An upfront personal and exclusive interview is the essence.

Ride on!

NexDim: Who is Terrence?

Terrence: Yeah my names are Temenu Fobella Terrence from the Lebialem division I have been to university of Yaoundé 2 bachelors in law, I live in Vermont U.S.A. I have been here for four years now and this December 3rd made it that year.

NexDim: Okay lemme call you Tboy, any siblings?

Tboy: Well I got two bros, and two sisters all in Cameroon

NexDim: How did u begin your career as a programmer, producer and song writer?

Tboy: I began my career fairly and wholesomely alone, I didn’t really learn under any producer but I have worked with prominent DJs in Yaounde like Deejay Kenny. I just began and had inspiration from a friend who also is a rapper, I was inspired from him gradually I started writing songs. But I always had to go to a studio most often the studios didn’t do my records the way I wanted them to, so I started learning the act of music production and programming alone ,secretly and long before I knew it I was getting professional and so after I traveled, I decided to make this dream come true.

NexDim: Wow! So tell me nothing good comes easily, there must be some trial moments let me about that

Tboy: Hahahahahahahah if I say no, then I will be telling a Big lie. See life is a struggle and the struggle never ends. Being a producer is one thing but getting favour and been popular is another. Some people are lucky or blessed, personally I have gone thru alot of trying moments even up to now I still do have problems but there is one thing I believe inas long as I live, I’ll never give up, I head for the sky’

NexDim: What were some of the challenges you face in your field?

Tboy: First of all, setting up a label in the U.S.A. is very expensive especially now when there are alot of recording studios and musicians around. Added to this, advertising the product is another issue.

NexDim: Looking at how expensive producing is, how do u cope with the issue of finances?

Tboy: Well I personally set up my studio so I finance myself with the money I get from small jobs and also from the studio plus the fact that am not yet married my main responsibility happens to be the studio for now.

NexDim: I was still to come to your marital status, (laughs) some of your works please

Tboy: Well as main programmer in the NTERS Enterprise I have produced a choir group called Rising Angels, also produced a rap artist called Gymkhana, produced again Nigerian rapper called Tall Free and also on the list is Niz Naiziz and kay park. Sure u don’t know these guys though some are on you tube. I have produced some amateur artists, but my main artist who will go world wide is a female singer by name Gabby she shall be the real first product and I will not forget to mention that this is so because of her sponsors, they are ready to put money in the game and make her go star. I have also worked with some of our hommies like Achalle, Melcuben and others though its been a long time.

NexDim: Any future projects

Tboy: well I have just one word ‘wona go hear my name soon’ hahahhahahha. I am going to amaze the world I have written over 500 songs I personally do rap but I prefer giving my songs for others to sing. There is this album am coming up with, its called NEW BEGINNING and involves tracks like ‘African wahala’, ‘Stella’, ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Picture of Africa’, u should be expecting my demos soon as we already working on the video. I will make u hear what I can do

NexDim: If you were to give out a word to all the youths and those aspiring to venture in your field, what would you tell them?

Tboy: Well the thing is most youths want fast money and they go about doing all sorts o f rubbish and rituals, the world today suffers from an economic crisis and some even think it’s because it’s drawing to its end. What I can say personally is that let the youths know themselves, and then know what they want, and also learn to exercise some patience. Know life na molo molo, Rome was not built in a day let them wait for Gods time. Let them sing music with meaning not just these nigga, fuck u bitch stuff I see on TV. Let them make their own style and not imitate Americans or whatever, we are Africans, and it’s our culture we should portray. The youths ought to be creative, that’s what the world needs today and that’s why I decided to call myself the NEW TEMPO because I make my own style of music.

 NexDim: ok Tempo what’s your favorite meal?

Tboy: hahhahahhhhahah well I haven’t eaten it for a long time now, since I left Cameroon for Gabon and Gabon for Vermont but if u ask, its fufu and…, u may guess

NexDim: You definitely not a Manyu man why would you choose Fufu and Eru.

Tboy: I just love it so much

 NexDim: Who is your role model?

Tboy:  In Africa I love Sam Mbende, in Europe Craig David cos I look like him, in America I like Seal.

 NexDim: What will be your favorite music ever?

 Tboy: hahaahahhahahahha well for the oldies, I like Seal in ‘Kiss from a Rose ‘it’s my life dream album.

Listen to his number 1 hit song:

Far Away (prod. by New Tempo) – NTERS 2011