June 14, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

This is surely going to be good news for Cameroon-based Eminem fans. The rumoured Eminem concert is certain .It  is going to hold on April 28,2012 as from 4 p.m at the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium. According to the program, Eminem will arrive Cameroon on April 25, hold press conference on the 26th and then concert on the 28th.  Cameroonian artists like Petit- Pays, Mathematik and X Maleya have been selected as opening acts to lay the groundwork for Eminem’s entry . It is worth noting that when this story broke on the web last week ,speculations were rife that it was a hoax and this even after Petit-Pays was quoted as saying he had been contacted to be an opening act.We can only praise those who are bringing these mega stars to our country. And it is our hope that when the show is over nobody will be grumbling about the weight of the checks handed to the opening acts. Eminem’s coming is within the context of an international cultural festival dubbed World Dream.