May 29, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Entertainment: How Cameroonian female musicians encourage stereotypes?

Woman already have a hard time being women in this  macho world and so one can imagine it is not any easier being a woman in the entertainment  industry. There is a prevailing prejudice against female artists since they  are all wrongly considered loose morally. In Cameron while it is common knowledge that there is an unfair presumption of moral guilt against female musicians, we must say that some, far from trying to erase this stereotype, are feeding into it. Listen to Chantal Ayissi sing that “la femme africaine est une voiture, il faut l’entretenir ehh..” and Majoie Ayi sing “les hommes paniquent à cause de Majoie” then see the gyrating that follows no comment. Such verses only affirm the cliché and don’t do justice to the accomplishments of  female artists. Since  female artists have a pre-existing handicap when venturing into and evolving in the music industry, they  should refrain from such self-demeaning opinions since it only increases the prejudices from which they suffer as brands? By broadcasting such views through their music, they promote the wrong perception of female artists in particular and women in general as loose. Do we agree?