November 28, 2023

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Camer Entertainment House

Denmark terminates Cameroon Expedition in South Africa

The Cameroon expedition in South Africa has finally been terminated by Denmark. The Danish beat Cameroon by 2 goals to 1.

Here is my evaluation of the game and the players.


Souleymanou did not do bad at all but I blame him for not being vigilant and aggressive to stop the first goal. He is credited for having stopped a ‘face a face’ move that would have sealed the fate of the Indomitable Lions.


If he was man of the match against Japan, Assou-Ekotto is now guilty of poor marking which led to the opener by Bentner. All the 2 goals came from the area he has to cover.

Right, Stephane Mbia was very present in both the defensive and the offensive side.

The central defense was not more convincing than against the Japanese, the positioning errors and deficiencies in air duels were evident.


This is the compartment that was  reinforced with Three new players . Some did not not meet expectation.The case of Achille Emana is a perfect example. Repositioned to his preferred position,he was  slower and less powerful, he was not decisive at the right time, sometimes failing to shoulder his responsibilities to make the difference against the keeper.He missed several goal opportunities infront of the keeper.
On the right side, Geremi delivered an  average game, with a tendency of  wanting to build the game from the wing. He gave good crosses from his end.

Jean Makoun‘s poor defense tactics  in assisting Assou-Ekotto brought into the attack. Makoun was  powerless against Dennis Rommedhal which led to a goal.

Alexandre Song committed a few errors at the midfield. His start was slow, but he came into the game over the minutes.

Eyong Enoh second’s game was still not convincing. He always loses balls to the opponent and misses his duels.


Samuel Eto’o was well positioned and made the difference with a goal after a pass from Achille Webo .His vivacity was good but Webo was presnt only in the move that led to Eto’os goal.

Abubakar Vincent like an inexperienced player from Coton Sport dared but did not succeed. He was however courageous enough.He surely has a brilliant future with the team.

Idrissou has not really had the impact I expected. He lacks technique,his delivery is poor and he makes no difference.He is simply a minus.