November 28, 2023

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D.J Bilik-“I am a talent scout”

Zomloa Recordz recently simultaneously launched two albums belonging to two different artist.At the end of that ceremony Zomloa Recordz boss D.J Bilik spoke about  several  issues ranging from the launching ceremony to the music industry.Excerpts

How are you feeling,like a father whose just had twins?

Yeah,you can say that


.I extremely happy to have produced  these two albums that are a culmination of 10 years of hardwork.I give thanks to the Almighty who made this possible.All we have to do now is come up with a reasonable distribution network that will make these works of art available to the public.As such,we have decided to sell the c.ds at 1000frs each,a well-thought out price.With regards to the quality of the videos,promotion and other costs,the price should be 3000 frs.But we saw that it was preferable to reach  many people at affordable prices than sell to few at prices which are high,especially for youths who do not have the means to buy a c.d.All these efforts will be accompanied by door-to-door campaigns,because we intend to use informal strategies by going to meet the public in the streets,homes,and offices, why not.Our young and dynamic team will make this possible.

Given the projects that you carrying out,are you about to revolutionise the Cameroonian hip hop industry?

Even the entire Cameroonian music industry.All what you have been witnessing  has hardly been done as far album production and especially presentation is concerned.Firstly,all what you are seeing is far from what we planned to do initially.Huge sums were invested but if we had a little more,we would have proven that what we see being done elsewhere isn’t magic and that we can equally do same.

Why launch two albums,isn’t it risky to invest so much all at once?

Life is all a matter of no pain,no gain.We should be sincere with each other,apart from a few mix-tapes and singles,very few albums were released.They are also people who announce release dates but the album never sees the light of day.I am a talent scout,I am a music producer.I had the means  to produce 2 albums,and i did it following industry standards,with announcements,a press conference for the release,the show case will be the next lap of this adventure,and then the concert will follow…………….

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