April 13, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Following Samuel Eto’o’s unilateral termination of contract with French Sports equipment manufacturing company Coq Sportif, it’s boss Marc-Henri Beausire has called on FECAFOOT to reconsider its position or have an entente. He stated that non-compliance will lead to legal proceedings against FECAFOOT.

Worth-noting, Samuel Eto’o terminated the contract with Coq Sportif on July 1st; an act the company considers unfair.


The letter reads:

“…Our teams have also never ceased to try to get in touch with your services as well as yourself, with the aim of resolving this dispute amicably and as quickly as possible within a time limit. All of our efforts have unfortunately remained in vain since… you have chosen to communicate your desire to end our collaboration through the press. This attitude is absolutely not in line with the spirit of our partnership and naturally causes our brand considerable damage. We inform you that we have already mandated our usual counsel to initiate all legal proceedings allowing us to obtain compensation for the damage suffered, which unfortunately will have significant consequences for FECAFOOT.”