June 24, 2024

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Parol is a 25 year old  Cameroonian rapper based in Nlonkak ,  YAOUNDE.  He developed interest in rap music as a kid influenced by artists like MC Solaar who later became his idol.

Lyrics of songs like  ” Bouge de là ”, ”Caroline” were frequently on his lips. He later became interested in American rap after listening to the 1990s sensations like WU Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes and Puff Daddy . Parol was a fervent follower of the  Sunday Rap show during holidays which made him admire Cameroonian rappers like  UMAR CVM,  CTM, Krotal and  AK Sang Grave.

During his second year in the University of YAOUNDE I (Ngoa Ekelle) , Parol released his first album ” Du Fond de l’Afrique” after being acclaimed by the local population in the cities of Douala and Yaounde. He got integrated to one of the biggest Hip Hop label in Cameroon, Mapane Records established by Louis Tsoungui . He equally participated in a compilation titled Kamer konnexion alongside other artists like AK Sang Grave, Krotal, Fulaw, Vegan’s, Boudor of Negrissim).

The name ”Parol” originates from the importance he gives to his  Christian orientation. His debut single ” Apelle moi Parol” was massive in Cameroon earning him many nominations and awards.

Here is the video of  ”Kel avenir’‘ from his album ” Au fond de l’afrique”