February 21, 2024

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BAAM : Creeping out of the music scene ?

Cameroonians hailed the uprise of the Buea -raised trio , BAAM when they sparked off with a terrific international hit, ”Stand up” ( 54,000 views on Youtube) off a well-mastered LP dubbed ”Africa Stand Up”, produced by seasoned producer Wayne Beckford. After having their video massively aired on Trace TV and making a working trip to Paris, Dakar, and Accra , the trio has gradually gone down the drain as their embers continue to fade (A dormant Facebook page and no media attention ). Rumours now looming the media are stale but seemingly true that the group has split. A rivalry that emerged from a mediocre management, poor artist relation, recurrent disagreements and greed has been the major bottleneck that has frustrated millions of fans. Adele , Mabel (Mab-star) and Larry seem to be creeping out of the music scene as a group that has captured the minds of Cameroonians with their soft and melodious vocals. It’s quite amazing that this group clinched the Nescafe African Revelation Award 2008 ahead of international hit-making group Toofan. I wallow in despair when I watch the Togolese group evolving.

When BAAM emerged, our joy was to see them evolve to the heights of internationally endorsed acts who could pave the way for other Cameroonian artists, but disappointment has finally set in as they have rested on their laurels. If their flame is reignited, we shall be happy to savour the good music !!!

Enjoy the past glory!