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PLAY-B is a Netherlands based Cameroonian artist. NexDim caught up with him for an exclusive interview.

Hi Play B. How are you?

I’m fine. Thank you.

Briefly introduce yourself to us.

I’m Play-B born Besong Stanislaus Besong in Mamfe, South West province, Cameroon. I attended GHS Mamfe before traveling to Europe (Holland).

Why are you called Play B ?

Play-B represents my nickname ”Play boy”  but I decided to use the last initial ”B” for Boy.

When did you indulge into music?

Actually I was born in a family where almost everyone is involved with music. I used to dance but couldn’t really develop my skills because I never had the means to do so till 2005.

Describe your genre of music and your targeted audience.

My music is RnB, Hiphop, Reggae,Reggaeton , Dancehall and world music.My target group should be the youths and people worldwide who love my grooves.

How many albums do you have in the market?

My one and only album is titled  ”The Birth OF A Legend” .It’s  not yet released in Africa.

Has your music career been a success so far?


Do you live large from music?

Not yet. Music is my part-time job.

Tell us about your music label.

Dr Batman Entertainment represents me and my vision of helping to shape music in Cameroon and Africa in general. We produce and  promote music and movies.

What’s your evaluation of the music scene in Cameroon?

Music in Cameroon so far has lots of problems . For example,  artists lack the proper funding and support they need to uphold the highly competitive entertainment business.

Describe your relationship with other Cameroonian artists.

Haven’t had lots of contacts with other Cameroonian artists but looking forward in doing so.

What is your impression about piracy in Cameroon and do you think can be done to curb this predicament.

Piracy is a sad sad situation in Cameroon. I don’t think they know how many people they deliberately leave unemployed and the effect to the economy in general. The government should lower taxes and help bring down the prices of original Cds. Coz I personally think those prices are a bit expensive for the people.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in future?

I’ll like to do a  featuring with every artist within my genre of music like X-Maleya.

What are your plans ?

Coming to Cameroon to officially introduce my label and meet some people who are ready to take on this road of hard work and dedication.

Are you married?

No. I’m  single.

Tell us your best Cameroonian dish.

Fufu and Eru

What kind of music do you often listen to?

Depending on my mood, I listen  reggae, RnB, hip hop, rock,dance, Makossa, High life, dance-hall, batchata, lots…  just nice tunes and good lyrics.

Your last words to Cameroonians.

Let us come together and build a good and prosperous Cameroon and Africa as a whole . A place where everybody will have the opportunity to excel and serve his people and reach their dreams.

Thanks for your time .

Welcome. God Bless us all.


TEL: 0031642865467 (Europe) ,  (00237)75728791 (Africa)

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In Love by Achalle ft Rudeboy[audio:]

She Like am by V-Shai [audio:]

Dotty Dey by Dr Sley [audio:]

Oya by Steveslil [audio:]

Serious Business by Mastah Supreme [audio:]

Superhero by Menoosha [audio:]

E di pain me by Big G [audio:]

Make you Dance by Sharen[audio:]

Stole ma Love by Denzyl Am Be[audio:]

La theorie de la basket by Aksang Grave[audio:éorie-de-la-basket-trouée.mp3]

[cincopa 10660488]

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Andy Allo’s Live Performances.

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Mellow-voice Cameroonian singer, Andy Allo keeps encroaching my soul stealthily with her rhythms. Hope y’all enjoy her thrilling performances of ”Love to you” and ”second best”.

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Kora Awards nominee and Star De Demain Laureate , Achalle is already set to release his second studio album titled ”EXCITED”. NexDim met Achalle at M1 Studios and he disclosed to us the release date is the 22nd of July but the venue is still uncertain. We shall however announce the venue of the release and other details as soon as it is confirmed.

Hard copies of the album shall be distributed by NexDim through our networks in UK, USA, Sweden and South Africa as soon as it is released.

Enjoy this teaser!!

Excited [audio:]

Rhythm of the night [audio:]

In Love [audio:]

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Brown C a.k.a Nnane Clarence is a Swiss based R&B singer. He was born and raised in Cameroon, where he lived till the age of 18 before  moving to Switzerland. As Bern was the town where he spent most of his stay in Switzerland, it became his second home . His first music  productions started in Bern, though he had written songs back in Cameroon. Brown C. just recorded his debut album. The album was recorded in Switzerland, mixed at HPub Studio in Cameroon and mastered at Central Dubs in Bern, Switzerland.

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Play B is a Netherlands based afro-beat sensation, songwriter and CEO of Batman Entertainment. We are still to gather  information about. He is a Cameroonian doing his thing passionately and real big. Here is a love song yet Reggae-ton club banger ” Number One ” and ”Na goal”.

The videos were produced by Syndrum productions.

Hope you enjoy!

Number one

Na Goal

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12 years old Franchika Abbey is one of Cameroon’s most talented teenage singers. Her voice is simply amazing and stronger than her age.We are proud of you Franchika!

Hope you enjoy her performing  ”Yesterday” by MARY  MARY.

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The Cameroonian Star De Demain winner 2007 , ACHALLE shall be releasing his 2nd audio album in the days ahead. His debut album which had songs like ” Feeling Insecured” and ”Bunya” had  remarkable success. ”Feeling Insecured” is the hit song from the album ”Feelings” which enabled him get a huge fanbase worldwide as the video enjoyed massive airplay on TRACE TV, and was selected as 5th Anniversary song for the Movie channel, AFRICA MAGIC.

Enjoy this one!!

Go wind [audio:]

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The Canadian based MC and Disc jockey, Markynaze keeps bringing the ill tunes from Toronto. After his zouk track featuring Blandine, here is another single ; party banger ”Danger”. Hey, news just came in our studio, he shall be opening act and DJ for BORO SANGUI on July 2nd 2010 at Eagle Haus in Toronto.


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Hip Hop started  in Cameroon in the late ’80s with the advent of  television, and cassettes containing the audio and video tape recordings of international artists. Over time Hip Hop artists and groups started sprouting like Serges Dipanda, Lamine, Mc Olangue, Stars System (Peckey Power), Benjo Style, Le Prophet OJ B, Bamboola Street, UMAR CVM Anonyme Posee, M.O.S, Arborigène, OAN, Bantu-Po-si, EtaaDurjaanss, Hearen States, La source, Négrissim, Brice Tedjona, K’Roz, n, Doi Hope, Protektor, Otoulbaka, Magma Fusion and many others.
These youth groups  and artists performed  at locations like Cinema Abbia,  Capitol, the French Cultural Centre in Yaounde, the Goethe Institute, Afrikan Logik.
Most of these artists were inspired by: MC SOLAAR, NWA, 2 PAC, NOTORIOUS BIG, Big Pun, Public Enemy, Snoop Doggy, RUN DMC, Coolio etc which was imported music  from the diaspora .Youths immediately captured the style and metamorphosed into their look and their clothing. Some youths cultivated these looks to attract girls in colleges. This later developed from a habit to an art.
The influence of artists like Sisqo who released ” Unleash the dragon” in 1999 , Usher‘s  ”You got it bad”  and R Kelly ‘s  ”Fiesta” influenced the trend of  R&B in Cameroon.
On the other side , there was a broad movement particularly in France with the involvement of  Cameroonians in the  Diaspora like  PABLO MASTER, MENELIK, PITT Baccardi, DJ EFFA, Kenzy, Ebongué PATOU, LACLKO, MC Tyer, MC JEAN Gabin, Layon, DRIVER ,YANNICK EFFA, NARCO, DAMON WILLIAMS and many others.
They released albums and influenced the trail of Hip Hop in France.
The late 1990’s  and early 2000’s saw the emergence of   artists like Krotal of Mapane, Bantou Clan, DJ Bilik of  ZOMLOA, Bantou Posi , Chris Badd, Roggy Stentor, Nadine Patricia and Big Bzy. Their songs received airplay on CRTV.
The greatest breakthrough I witnessed as a teenager was the release of  Bantou Posi‘s ‘Ning le ning le” , which had a remarkable success in Cameroon in 2000-2001,Krotal’ s ”Jamais” and  Koppo’s ”si tu voir ma go” in 2003. Rumours say  Tony Nobody,  who is now a solo artist and a TV animator is one of the founding members of  Bantou Posi and later left the group.
Hip Hop evolved into a new breed of artists like  OSHIMIN SULTAN, Bashiru, TONY NOBODY, Boudor, AK-SANG GRAVE, MANHITHOO, LADY B, JAY N, X Maleya, VBH,FRANKY P, DANIELLE EOG, DUC-Z, Thiery Olemba and Street Thugs, Camselect, Achalle, Coresouth, Zionside, Spirita, Black LM, M-Thugs, Steveslil, Sley, La Choice, Denzyl, Big G, Chillen Muzic, and more in English Cameroon.
In same time frame, we have Cameroonians making waves in UK,USA and across Asia like Andy Allo, Sona the Voice, Dieverse Da Boss, Naomi Achu, Eddy B, Tayong Tyn, Da Duce, Luxland, Master Supreme, Markynaze, and many more.
Time is ever-changing . The evolution continues !!

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