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Bebi Philip’s ‘move da dass” is one the greatest chart-topping songs this year. Yaounde-based R&B artist Prosby just released an acapella cover of the Ivorian’ s song to soothe your emotions. It’s a perfect vocally- harmonized tune.

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Following ”Le monde est mien” mixtape, G-music focal artist Habib du Bled is gearing up to release a new single on August 1st titled ”Adam and Eve” which features Mboa girl star Prosby. The single shall be available via  upon release. Stay tuned !

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Prosby feat Matt Houston un featuring est en vue

The wave of international collaboration has heightened in the urban music scene in Cameroon .Following Duc Z/Singuila, X Maleya /Mokobe, West Don/Terry G, Luxland/J Martins collabos, rumours are now rife that R&B artist and author of ‘Mboa Girl” Prosby is working on a collaboration with France-based star Matt Houston.

If this turns out to be true, Prosby will probably join the ranks of internationally acclaimed stars. Matt Houston disappeared after releasing Platinum-certified ”RnB de la rue” in 2001 but resurfaced with  ”Positif”, a remix of P Square hit ”E no easy” which brought him back to the game.

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After his first single “C dit viagra or cialis koi“, here comes Numerica with another screamer. The song is titled “Vas y molo” It is vintage Numerica, with hints of various genres. For those who are just discovering this young Cameroonian artist, you can listen to his first single “C dit koi”, featuring R’n’B singer Prosby.

NUMERICA – Vas y molo [Version Longue]

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With the announcement of the nominees for the next edition of the Mboa Hiphop Awards, join our new series where we spotlight the nominees in the various categories and make predictions. Here is the first installment in this 10 part series. The best r’n’b category has one of the second highest number of nominees,7 to be exact. Here are the nominees, with pic and stats.

First on the list is Duc Z. The Douala – based rapper has been consistent on the music scene and recently garnered much cred for his smash hit “Je ne donne pas le lait“. His latest release “African mamy”  is interesting.  Brand name : Pretty well known. Hit song views : “Je ne donne pas lait” = close to 37,500 in 1 yr, “African mamy” = close to 31,500 in two months.





Next is Achalle. The crooner shot to fame after winning the 2008 edition of the talent show star2demain. He is best known for the hit “Feeling insecured“. Brand name : Kinda known. Youtube Hit song views : Feeling insecured = about 24, 100 in 4 yrs.





Right behind is Prosby. Post flirting with boy band J’E’M, he went solo and released the lady – praising hit Mboa girl“. Brand name : Kinda known. YouTube hit song views : Mboa girl = around 33, 0000 in 8 months





Then comes Sine. The slow -singing winner of AfricaStar 2008 has transformed into some sort of a rude boy with his tract “Koh koh“. Brand name = Well known. Youtube hit song views : Koh koh = 51, 600 views after 1 months




Up next is X Maleya. The boys followed up their successful albums “Exil” and eponymous “X Maleya” with smash hit -filled  “Tous ensemble” which accounts for their nomination. Brand name = popularly well known. Youtube hit song views : Tchokolo = around 511 000 after 1 yr, Son me = around 59 000 in 9 months, I go tell = 169 000 in 5 months, Yelele = around 630 000 in 3 yrs


And then One Rocky. With his track “I go love you“, the young r’n’b singer shoot to national fame. Brand name : Known. YouTube hit song views : I go love you = around 1 000, Boom boom = close to 6 000.



Dr Sley closes the list. He has been in the game for a while and can lay claim to his share of fame. buy cialis online with no prescription Brand name : Known. YouTube hit views : Down by the river side = around 1000 views. Busy busy = around 2 000.



From the look of things, this category is a two – horse race, pitting Duc Z against X Maleya. Sine and Prosby can kindly be considered outsiders. As for the rest, well…. I dare predict, come award day, X Maleya will walk home with the prize. Who disagrees if they won’t agree?



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Prosby garnered fame after releasing 'Mboa Girl'' video. His maxi single whic

h includes ''mboa girl'' , '' personne ne comot'' drops  on Saturday 29th at IFC (Former CCF) , Akwa – Douala. Here is a freestyle on his forthcoming release. Il est super-talentueux !

Enjoy !


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Comments Comments Off on PROSBY DROPS ''Mboa girl'' MAXI SINGLE September 29th.

R&B sensation Prosby garnered fame and a huge fanbase after dropping ”Mboa Girl”. He is currently one of the most sought-after artist. Numerica was so smart to get him on this song ”ca dit quoi” which is a high-tempo coupe-decale genre with a pop blend. ”Ca dit quoi” is a way of saying ”Bonjour” in French-speaking Cameroon. The video was directed by MAKCONCEPT.

Enjoy this !

Facebook –
twitter – @caditkoi
prosby –
Booking : 0023794699150
“ca dit koi?” T-SHIRTS Available

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Cameroonian music star Prosby has set a date for the launch of his ‘Mboa girl” album. Come June 29, 2012 at Centre Culturel Savannah-Yaounde, the young artist will be officially unveiling his artistic work to the public. The time is 11 a.m.  After the audio then video release of the single “Mboa girl”, anticipation has been gathering around the album. If the single and the video are any worthy indication of the guy’s talent then the public is in for a treat. While waiting for that day, here again is his sensational hit “Mboa girl”.

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Hi there  people. Remember Prosby? He is a Cameroonian hip-hop/r’n’b artist that we featured here sometime ago. Back then the guy was creating much buzz with the audio  release of his hit song “Mboa girl”. This buzz even led to the emergence of unofficial videos of the song. The artist has finallly released  the official video which was directed by the folks at NS pictures. Believe me, this video is sure going to be a major contender for the best music video in major awards. I must say I enjoy the trend in the Cameroonian music industry right now. The artists seem to have understood that they can only woo fans with excellent products. Enjoy

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