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Belgian-based emcee and 3rd World survivor boss Nabil Nabstar drops his new tune dubbed “ThisIsAfrica” (TIA) featuring singer and producer Pazzo.
Enjoy !

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Third World Survivor presents Nabstar ft Nick Mayor on a brand new tune titled “Sharp sharp” . The trap beat carries hard punchlines and so much lyrically profound. Nabstar is definitely a force to reckon with.

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As Belgium based rapper Nabil a.k.a Nabstar prepares his comeback fully into the music scene, this year has seen him actively release tracks and videos for his EP My Tory Part 1”Kwasia Braha is the dancey new track with a controversial twist also to be featured in this EP with its video scheduled for release on Saturday 7th December 2013. Here below is the audio:

In anticipation of the release, here are 15 Fun Facts associated with the audio/video.

  • Kwasia Braha the title of the song is in “Twi” which forms part of the Akan languages spoken in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Benin. What does it mean you ask? See next fact!
  • Kwasia is a fool, a plank, an idiot and in this song a “hater”. Bra-Ha means come here. So Kwasia Braha means Fool/hater, come here!
  • You are cautioned to take Kwasia Braha with a large dose of humour. Although controversial, Kwasia Braha gimme some watta is what you should tell those people who hate for no reason. They need to give you some water to cool down your hotness 😉
  • Kwasia Braha was produced by Majestro “the beat maker” a young talented Belgian producer of African origin.
  • Kwasia Braha was composed by Nabil and mastered by Stephano, a brilliant sound engineer.
  • You will be able to celeb spot a few known faces in the Kwasia Braha video which includes legendary Cameroonian comedian/actor/radio host Fingon Tralala. He puts up a wonderful performance of that of a Kwasia. We recommend you spot his dancing moves which are pretty good!
  • The celeb spotting continues…Deejay Omar Eppz who appears in the video also hosted the behind the scenes for 9jTV (The most active and omnipresent Media in Central Europe).
  • On the Kwasia Braha video, you will find appearances from 3rd World Survivor protégé Nasomi who is a Dutch based Cameroonian artist with an upcoming single and a powerful voice & Lil D another 3rd World Survivor protégé getting ready to sing his way to the top! WATCH OUT FOR THEM!
  • Catch the hottest most prominent urban dance group in Belgium LA N6 in the Kwasia Braha video. With almost 200,000 views on YouTube you see they are hot! Sizzling hot and they are Nabil’s official dancers too.
  • It is easy to look very good when you are Nabil aka Nabstar but oh yes we must confess there was also a styling team for the Kwasia Braha video! Nabil was dressed by upcoming Belgian based designer Sanhela Teky. MakeUp was done by Grace Yankee and the coordination by Harmony and Ely of HASWELY.
  • The original text to Kwasia Braha was “I am getting hotter hotter bring me some watta” but was changed to “Kwasia Braha gimme some watta” with a little help from a Ghanaian friend.
  • Kwasia Braha is once more another powerful lyrical track from Nabstar portraying three verses of uniquely and articulately aligned ALL PIDGIN lyrics with metaphors, humour, and reality inspired imageries where Nabil shows why he is unique.
  • After “Don’t 4get Me” and “Confirm” “Kwasia Braha” brings out a 3rd Personality not yet seen in Nabil.
  • Kwasia Braha is dedicated to the late great graffiti artist in Cameroon called MERIC who was one of Nabil’s business partners in show business back in 2005. He was a friend a brother and an inspiration to Nabil who hereby crowns him a street legend.
  • Kwasia Braha is an original track that cannot be labeled or categorised under a particular genre, It attempts to please both the “lyricist” and the “dancist.”

 And that concludes the 15 Fun Facts for Kwasia Braha video to be released this Saturday 07 December 2013.

Photo: There's always time for makeup...#ImageIsEverything #KwasiaBraha #TeamMMPR

Make-up session by Grace Yankee for Kwasia braha video shoot

 For more information, contact:


Twitter: @CallmeNabstar

Press Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

Press/Media enquiries:


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3rd World Survivor artist Cameroonian-born Nabyl 4 Real (Nabstar) shall be performing alongside Nigerian superstar Davido in Antwerp , Belgium on June 14th 2013. 

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Nabstar just released two cracking songs off his forthcoming LP ““My Survivor Tory 1.1″”. “”Confirm”” and “”Bolingo”” are beautifully-honed and entertaining tracks. “Confirm” is definitely a street anthem derived

from the Cameroonian slang “”Confirm””. On “”Bolingo”” , Nabil collaborates with Congolese/Belgian star Joel . Nabstar “s prowess as one of the lyrical giants in Camer Hip Hop is quite evident in these solid Hip Hop joints. Songs produced by Majestro The Beatmaker



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Cameroonian hiphop entertainer Nabil4Real hasn't lived up musically to the expectation which surrounded the release of his highly anticipated “The Mix/Lost Tapes of  3rd World Survivors” album. The lead track off that album “Don't forget me”  that had sparked excitement when the teaser was made available online is rather underwhelming. Given the increasingly great quality of Cameroonian hiphop videos, the video for this track is to say the  least even. Sound-wise, the artist sounds too experimental or should I say fake. All that pidgin rapping with an American accent instead of resonating with fans rather alienates them. This makes it difficult for them to connect with even his message. While some would say

this is what makes him unique it also possible to say that this is the problem with his talent. Is he singing for himself or for people? While hoping he can vindicate himself with another release, see and listen to the “Don't forget me” track right here.


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Cameroonian hiphop artist Nabil4real has released a teaser. This is for his tract entitled “Don’t forget me”. After a prolonged absence  from the music scene , the artist hereby signals his imminent return. The 40-seconds long video shows a beard-donning  Nabstar in various scenes as he does his thing. The release of the full video has been slated for June 30th, 2012. Until then, you can catch a sneak peek right here.

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