March 5, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Nabil4Real disappoints with "Don't forget me" single

Cameroonian hiphop entertainer Nabil4Real hasn't lived up musically to the expectation which surrounded the release of his highly anticipated “The Mix/Lost Tapes of  3rd World Survivors” album. The lead track off that album “Don't forget me”  that had sparked excitement when the teaser was made available online is rather underwhelming. Given the increasingly great quality of Cameroonian hiphop videos, the video for this track is to say the  least even. Sound-wise, the artist sounds too experimental or should I say fake. All that pidgin rapping with an American accent instead of resonating with fans rather alienates them. This makes it difficult for them to connect with even his message. While some would say

this is what makes him unique it also possible to say that this is the problem with his talent. Is he singing for himself or for people? While hoping he can vindicate himself with another release, see and listen to the “Don't forget me” track right here.