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With just two weeks to go till Africa”s most popular pageant is contested, there is uncertainty of the participation of young beauty queen Enjeck Josette. Last September Josette was crowned the official winner of Miss West Africa Cameroon 2012, which entitles her to compete amongst 20 other contestants from the West African region and foreign countries where the Miss West Africa Pageant was held for the title Miss West Africa International. The international pageant is scheduled for 23rd March 2013 in Praia, Cape Verde.

During the week long festivities leading up to the final event the queens have been granted the opportunity to meet the President and First Lady of Cape Verde, popularize their national culture to a mass audience on TV stations that reach out to various Portuguese speaking countries and well as international press coverage. 

Due to a near fatal accident experienced by her manager she was left stranded awaiting his return to work in order to see her through to the finals. However, in the wake of this, most of the companies and authorities stated their request for transportation coverage is too late. The pair have worked tirelessly to ensure Josette is seen through to the finals and to make Cameroon proud. 

The last resort for the team at this moment is to make a public call via the press in order to raise support. The Miss West Africa Cameroon team is making this call to all supportive Cameroonians who are willing to help contribute towards Josette”s trip to Cape Verde. In order for Josette to reach Cape Verde by the call date of 17th March 2013, her management is tasked to raise an amount

of $1400. Their call goes out to organisations, businesses, travel agencies, the general public, and to any governmental department of Cameroon.

All enquiries can be directed to Tekuh Mbacham via 00 237 771 618 64.

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After savouring fun and merriment at the Miss West Africa Cam

eroon pageant race, the eviction exercise shall take place today September 19th @ Hotel Residence Carlos, Buea where the pageants are lodged . The panel of judges shall decide who leaves the competition  before the grande finale on Saturday . Follow NexDim for more updates . 


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As earlier announced, the national finals of the Miss West Africa Cameroon beauty pageant  took off on Saturday, September 15 2012 in Buea .  Upon arrival, the contestan

ts got straight to business doing interviews and taking photos. The over one-week long event will be marked by various competitions such as posing, dancing, singing and presentations all of which will lead to evictions and the crowing of the queen come September 22, 2012. This year's edition features 11 contestants all aged between 18-25 from various cities in Cameroon.  We will keep you posted on the event.


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The Regional auditions of the second edition of Miss West Africa Cameroon just ended in Yaounde with a panoply of stunning pageants selected for the national finale. NexDim gathered from the organizer, CEO of Fredash Modeling

Agency, Mr Nemfor Alfred  that the grande national finale shall take place at Hotel Residence Carlos, Buea where they shall reside for a week while activities go on. ''This year's edition shall be special with amazing surprises .  You should therefore not be in an oblivion but  be a part of this revolution''. The winner shall join Nsang Dilong in basking under the sunshine of fame. Stay tuned to NexDim for more updates.


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The official coronation of Miss Central Africa Cameroon pageant is scheduled to take place on Saturday 18th August at Hotel Residence Carlos, Buea. The following shall be contesting for the crown ;Melanie  Mindy,Bernadine Mindy,Juliet Enang,Daisy Eposi,Sara Nchang,Carine J,Tonia Ayamba,Leonga Tita, and Hariet B. The crowned queen shall represent Cameroon at the Miss Central Africa international. The event shall be spiced with performances by Rhythmz and Menko.

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The second audition of beauty pageants to participate at Miss West Africa Cameroon 2012 shall take place at Hotel Residence Carlos on the 15th of July 2012 from 12.Pm. To participate , contact 75133470/95937124 or log on to for details. The next audition is scheduled to take place in Bamenda.

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NexDim keeps shooting more editions of the ” NEXDIM SHOW ”. The NexDim Show is an interactive interview with guests who have indulged into any domain of entertainment ; fashion, music, sports, film arts etc.  Yesterday, our guest was Winner of Miss West Africa Cameroon pageant 2011 and Cameroon’s representative in Gambia, Nsang Dilong . We delved into her exploits in pursuing a decent modeling  career and her personal life . We shall subsequently broadcast these interviews on our Youtube channel NexdimTv and on .

Watch out !

To feature on the our show as guest, remember you need to email us via or call +237 74772277

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 NexDim caught up with Buea – based Vineyard Models’s newly crowned Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011 , 21-year-old beautiful and talented Bodi Nsang Dilong who took some time off her busy schedule for an exclusive interview about herself and her new found world of fashion.

Read on!

NexDim: Hello Dilong

NS: Hello

NexDim : So tell the world who is Dilong?

NS: My name is Bodianga Bodi Nsang Dilong

NexDim: Have u ever taken part in any modeling contest before?

NS: No I haven’t, not even a Miss contest

NexDim: What actually sparked you to get into the modeling industry?

NS : Well I really have a very strong passion for fashion, I love looking good just as the saying goes looking good is good business I always like to look good be on the go like am ready to be moved at any time. And besides I have always received complements from friends and relatives about my size and body structure, how I look just like a model, so with that and my love for fashion i decided to give it a try and here am I today

NexDim: Just five months with Vineyard Models u get a crown, how does that make u feel?

NS: Okay I feel great and I must thank Vineyard Models for all they did and are still doing

NexDim: Nothing good comes easy what are some the challenges you faced?

NS: Wow, I must say it has not been all easy as it seems considering the way people think about models on how they are cheap and easy to go with, I actually faced that issue at home with my parents who didn’t see it very respectful for me as their first daughter with three young siblings to take care of to get into such a field in life.

NexDim: What are some of those things as a Cameroonian model you can make a change in?

NS: I will like to change the funny idea that models are irresponsible and sleep around. The modeling industry should be respected and those in it should be professionals and also respect themselves too

NexDim: Considering your age one is tempted to say u have a long way to go, how far do you see yourself in the industry?

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After auditions in Yaounde, 15 final contestants have been unveiled in the  Miss West Africa Cameroon pageant 2011. Enjoy these interesting interviews with the 15 preselected produced by Penjo Entertainment.

FOR UPDATES , Visit the official  website at or send  a mail to

Tel: +237-7771-6288 or +237-7502-7187

Part 1 of Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011 from Penjo Entertainment on Vimeo.

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Hey people, enjoy this brand nu singles ‘Me n my shawty”  and ‘booty me down’ by US based Cameroonian up coming rapper, Brandon Nanj a.k.a  Preetty Boi X Gang .The joints are extracted from his forthcoming mixtape to drop some time soon.

For those in ‘Etas’, Brandon Nanj shall be performing at the Epic Back 2 school bash on Sunday July 31st at Club Texano, 1033 Franklin Road, Marietta, GA .


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