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Adept rapper Melcube has churned out the much anticipated video of his smashing tune “Ovasabi”. Melcube ingeniously blends bikutsi rhythm and hip hop to deliver a soothing song to hit the radio and clubs. Quite a propitious song to top charts.


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Thailand-based Cameroonian singer Da Charmin Prince has dropped his follow up single titled “Burst my brain” featuring adept rapper Melcube. This song conveys a feel good and party-like emotion. Charmin Prince keeps brandishing our flag high .

Watch !

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Melcube is currently in the studio working on his comeback single “3am In Bangkok”. After 2 years of no release, the artist who brought to you his heart-warming single “Say It” in 2012 is ready to return to the big screen. Many have wondered why the artist has been silence for such a long time with only mixtapes and a Single release. Most people who loved his previous work wondered why the artist disappeared shortly after releasing his debut EP “Lotus SP” in 2012. During this recording session, Melcube sheds some light as to the reason why.

Now residing in Thailand, Melcube is picking up his broken wings and getting ready to fly again. Hoping this time to reach heights he has never tried before.


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The single “3am In Bangkok” will be released by the end of this month and will be swiftly followed by the next single off his upcoming project “Lotus MAXIMUS” Melcube calls on all his fans to stick with him as the journey this time is heading for excitement and allure.

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In anticipation for Melcube‘s next album , the rapper has decided to end the year with a   fresh single dubbed ‘‘Made In Cameroon’. His powerful delivery and ingenious lyrical ability spices the tune. Produced by Melcube.


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If you are a sucker for music that is lyrically powerful and sweet, Melcube‘s music should be your fave. Debuting with ‘Say It” last year, Melcube received a warm embrace that catapulted him for wide media exposure and a huge tour in French-speaking Cameroon with Metissage. He has returned with a nu song titled ”Made to last” which is a deep poetic rendition. The song features Abigail’s sultry vocals. This is just too musical and next-dimensional ! . 

Before you take a breather, listen to this.

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Melcube has been facing huge criticism by some Cameroonian music pundits for his “”Americanized””  rap style . Do they say he is not original?. Well , some go gaga for his rapstyle and his album “”Lotus SP”” gave him a  massive following .

However, he put up a strong intuitive defense during a NEXDIM interview here. In this new club hit titled “”Anything”” (I go give you) featuring Nafon, Melcube completely drifts from the criticized style to something contemporary and de rigueur , blending ear-catching pidgin lyrics and slangs on a thumping Afro beat. You can”t want more ! . Most guys who slammed criticism on him may now heave a sigh of relief as Melcube proves his versatility on this one. 


Anything by Melcube




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melcubeAs a record exec and artist, one must ride in the fast lane and avoid photo finishes. This is the mantra Melcube is surely trying to follow as he drops track after after. In the wake of his lady pleaser ” Love knight”, the rapper has released after track titled “Down low“. Without being  The Mentalist, one must predict that this song will be considered an ear sore, not worthy of the Melcube we know and love. The beats are below par and vocally the song augurs more of a studio session amongst friends than a track intended for public consumption. Sincere fans will surely wonder what was he thinking and whether this is really their Melcube. Simply put, between “Say it” and “Down low”,

there is a yawning gap.

Before you agree or disagree, do listen to the track.

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Do you like your rappers soft or you like them hard rude-boyish? That is the question fans of rapper Melcube will be asking when they listen to Melcube“s latest musical offering. “Love Knight” as the song is titled features Martin Dicristo. This song is off

his 2012 album Lotus that will have its deluxe edition released soon. Apart from being  lyrically and acoustically bland ,

the song could suffer further rejection from those who don”t like rappers appearing soft by exploring matters of the heart. What is your take on this? Before you voice your opinion, do listen to the track right here.

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th=”174″ height=”270″ />Since its release on May 21st 2012, “Lotus SP” the debut album of our boy Melcube, has received much love and appreciation from fans and well-wishers alike. It is no doubt that given our demographic situation, the video for the hit single “Say It” has already recorded above 1500 views on in just a month. In a bid to say thank you, to all those who supported this project, his label MMMG is launching come November 1st 2012 the “Fanshots Competition” giving out after every two weeks 10000frs CFA to a lucky fan nationwide.

To be able to win this cash price, you have to fulfill the following condition;
*Buy a copy of Melcube’s “Lotus SP” album. You will not be able to participate unless you have this. If you are in Buea, you can get your copy by visiting ChillenMuzig Studio and for the rest of Cameroon, you can get your copy by visiting the sales points of Kamer Attitude. For more details click on
*Take a picture with you holding the album
*Are you on ? if not you have to get registered immediately. When you are done, send a friend request to ‘Fan Spot Melcube’ and your request will be accepted.
*Tag ‘Fan Spot Melcube’ on your picture so we know you are in for the competition
*And finally, encourage your friends to click on the like button.
At the end of every two weeks, the photo with the highest likes above 100 will have the cash price of 10000frs CFA sent to them through Express Union money transfer services.
*NB: – If at the end of the 2 weeks period, 3 persons have 102, 134, and 110 likes, the person with 134 likes = the highest likes above 100 and takes home the prize money.


While preparing to enter the competition, enjoy this Live performance by Melcube and MABSTAR.

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Camer rapper Melcube has been a sought-after artist , after the release of ”Lotus SP”. The ideal lyricist just stunned us with  the highly anticipated video of his new hit ”Say it ”. Presented by Micmaniac Music Group in collaboration with Adrenaline and NexDim Ent.

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