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Apart from endless radio and club plays, smash hits have one distinct trait: there are the subject of countless remixes, covers, renditions and what have you. This is the case with Mony Eka“s smash hit “Un jour“. But contrary to standard practice, Mony Eka went about the remixes all by himself. I say remixes because he remixed the song six times, making an album out of one track. Of all the remixes, the most interesting is the one featuring an all star crew of  Cameroonian urban music heavy-hitters like Franky P, Stypak Samo, Boudor, Duc Z, Alberto Les Clés, Karnatox and Jay N not forgetting Mony himself. Just the line up is

enough to whet one”s appetite so enjoy this musical meal.

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In the Cameroonian mus

ic industry, the prospect of the festive season is synonymous with concerts and album releases. So this should not be a big surprise for music lovers. Come November 17, Bamenda is set to be the venue of a star – studded music concert. Artists like Lady B, Adah, One Rocky, Karnatox and others will make fans ecstatic when they take to the stage at the Alliance Franco- Camerounaise hall. “Line Loba” star Magasco will also be present. An after party shall take place after the concert. Who doesn”t want to be there?


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Douala based rapper Karnatox (KARNA) who emerged in the Urban music  scene with ”Toche” is back with a groundbreaking video directed and produced by newcomers MAKCONCEPT who just released a teaser for Adah’s ”YOKOKO” . The guy seems to be more commercial in his delivery.

”Achuka” featuring General is a brand new song with a coupe decale rhythm and dance moves .


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Karnatox a.k.a Le Dinosaur is a Douala based rap sensation who emerged into the Cameroonian Hip Hop scene with ”Toche” . He started writing his lyrics and rhymes in Deido working with artists like Kris La Flam, Njapan, and BX le phoenix. ”Toche” is a word he copied from Hoga ,the comedian. Karnatox had the conviction that he could create a blend that can be able to impact people like coupe decale.This influenced him to create the ”Toche” dance. His album has the participation of artists like  Boudor, 20CENT, Kris La Flam, Black  X, A-K-O, Pamela,Franky P and  Jay-N.

Karnatox has rapidly become a great MC in Douala highly solicited for collaboration by other Hip Hop artists.

To listen to ”Toche” and other tunes, follow this link

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